At a time of great tumult in my life, Matt and his coaching provided a much needed anchor. Through our sessions, I feel I have regained my sense of purpose, feel certain of the potential he sees in me and feel forever indebted to him for his care, patience and encouragement. Perhaps above all else, Matt and his coaching have real world and relevant applications in my messy, ambitious life and I will no doubt continue to call upon him and his coaching as I continue to carve out my place in the world. ‘I recommend Matt’ is to put it mildly.
— Josh Rivers, Founder of Series Q/Host of 'Busy Being Black' podcast
I worked with Matt for a number of months with an ultimate aim to generate new streams of employment, to develop existing contacts and to solidify my career goals. Through guidance and assistance, tailored specifically for my needs, Matt was able to help me identify techniques, already in my control, to promote my development as a freelancer. Matt gave me the time and support to help me recognise ways in which I could increase my self-confidence, identify my previous methods of success and to subsequently clarify the path ahead of me. I found the experience incredibly productive and worthwhile; the knowledge and insight I have gained through my time with Matt has already been invaluable. I would recommend his coaching to anyone.
— Stuart B, Director of Photography ("Handmaid's Tale"/"Dr Who"/"Cold Feet"/"Call The Midwife" television shows)
Working with Matt exceeded my expectations. He helped me take a step back and develop new styles for leadership and business management. His vast knowledge of human centric leadership approaches and acute understanding of business was invaluable in helping me turn around our startup. As the CEO of an organisation, coaching has helped me take a step back and identify solutions that didn’t seem straightforward at first. Coaching is empowering. It provides you with a set of tools and a non-biased or invested perspective. You then develop your own solutions tailored to your situation. Matt has a hands on approach with a wide range of human centric strategies that have helped me optimise my team’s performance dramatically. It’s extremely valuable to have someone to talk to in depth about issues I can’t share with my team, investors, friends or family.
— Gyve, CEO
Coaching sessions with Matt are like having a personal trainer for my mind. Each time I come away with a weight lifted and much more clarity about what steps I need to take next.
— Satwinder, Charity sector Leader
I love the way our coaching sessions develop. They are very fluid in structure. Matt takes the conversation in a direction that is always on my terms and best serves my goals. He has an ability to keep us both focussed on the underlying issues and root causes at hand when we go through my major challenges.
— Ben, Sales role in Renewable Energy Start-up
Matt deeply listens to problems I’m facing at work and provides considered challenge to the assumptions I’m making about my situation and the options I believe are open to me. I can tell by his questions that he’s truly listened to me and is providing considered thinking that opens up more options on how I can address them. He’s also methodical in his approach, which gives me confidence we will identify practical actions I can implement after our session. His approach often leads to unexpected insights, which stretch my thinking.
— Guy, Management Consultant
Matt is trustworthy. By the end of our chemistry session I felt at ease talking to him about my challenge and some of my own personal blockers holding me back. His approach is very straight forward - I’m always clear on what we’re doing during sessions and how I’m going to take action after to address my goals. He’s fun in his approach - I feel relaxed during our sessions, so I’m open and honest about my challenges and more likely to have a constructive conversation about how I can overcome them.
— Rachel, Management Consultant in Public Sector
Matt was committed to me as his client and was focussed on my needs. He’s got a grounded approach - its clear that he’s present and listening in the moment when I’m talking and working alongside me to understand and overcome my challenges. It feels as though he’s equally committed to finding a clear way forward for me to achieve my goals as I am. He shares my frustration when we’re working our way through the coaching process and experience difficulty finding the next right steps. He’s equally as invested in finding an answer as I am. It feels like it’s not just my challenge, but both of ours.
— Kate, Leader in the Creative Arts