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Is coaching for you?

I offer a 60 minute initial consultation to potential clients. Together we determine whether we have a chemistry we agree would facilitate an effective coaching relationship before we proceed with a coaching programme. This initial consultation covers the following:

  • What goals are you seeking to achieve through coaching?
  • How would you measure the success of those goals?
  • What will be different once you have achieved those goals?
  • What do I need to know about you and what you need from me as your coach?
  • What expectations I would have of you as your coach (I request timeliness, honesty and engagement in the coaching process)
  • A typical coaching programme (number of sessions, duration of each session, location (in person/online), frequency)
  • Confidentiality
  • What coaching is and is not (difference between coaching, counselling, and mentoring)

Our 60 minutes together will give you a good sense of my coaching style. This consultation will help you determine whether I am the right coach for you and also help you determine whether you are ready to be coached.

Clients say I bring high quality, energy and focus to help them achieve their goals. They describe me as grounded – its clear I’m fully present with my clients and beside them when they work through their challenges. They value that I’m fun and light hearted in my approach, which makes the coaching process easier when wrestling with difficult goals. Clients also tell me I’m highly emotionally intelligent, naturally curious and pragmatic - all help me rapidly empathise with their current situation and explore practical options to deliver positive outcomes. 

At the end of the initial consultation you would be asked whether you will like to book our initial first session as part of a coaching programme. You are under no obligation to make a booking for a follow up session should you still feel unsure. 

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I'm a strong believer in giving back and raise money for different causes each year. I make it possible for clients to pay for coaching sessions via donations to the causes I support. I see this as an additional benefit for both me and my clients, since it enables us to both give back to others who need it. You can donate using the button below. 



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