Since 2003, I have been coaching high performing professionals to improve their working lives.

Photography provided by Laina Pattni


I partner with already high achieving individuals to help them live higher, fuller, truer, versions of themselves. I focus on how they can do that in a working life context. I work with senior leaders with significant challenges or who need to become more effective or fulfilled in their roles.

The majority of my clients are leaders within multi-million pound organisations, and I've worked with leaders in fields ranging from accounting to renewable energy to charity to the creative arts. I see most of my clients in person in London, and have worked virtually with people across the U.K. and in places such as New York, New Delhi and Melbourne.

Managing a working life requires regular reflection and self awareness of your personal values, skills, strengths, what you enjoy doing, and what sorts of people you enjoy working with. The world is complex and changing rapidly. You will change too, so its important to stay aware how that affects what you want and need to do next at each step in your working life.

Regular reflection and self awareness help you make the right decisions on next steps as you define an authentic working style on your own terms and play to your personal skills, qualities and passions. Practicing this throughout life will identify fulfilling work opportunities and personal growth. I’ve done so myself and enjoyed over 10 years in various roles across the world in a leading consultancy firm. 

As I gain skills and my interests evolve each year I reflect on what my next right step should be. Coaching will help you do the same to perform at a higher level, with greater impact and stay aligned to your core values.